From Media to Mastery: Navigating Education and Innovation
Bachelor in Media and Mass Communication
Re:Coded UX/UI Design Bootcamp in Türkiye
Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop
Founder of VIDIA Studio
Deeply knowledgeable about the latest global design trends
I have a strong interest in technology and consistently strive to keep up with developments. My pursuit of knowledge extends across the fields of media, art, and graphic design. With over a decade of experience in graphic design, I have recently focused on user experience design and creating interfaces for numerous websites and applications. I apply my expertise in graphic design to create user interfaces that deliver professional, artistic, and distinctive results.
I am always enthusiastic about leading in my field and am deeply passionate about graphic design. I aspire to be one of the leaders in this field. My passion for learning and elevating my work knows no bounds, always aiming for excellence on the global stage.
I thrive in collaborative environments and firmly believe that exceptional results stem from the synergy of dedicated and creative team members. I always aspire to be a part of creative and passionate teams.
Abdulrahim Aref
I've worked with incredible companies and organizations
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